The Body is a Temple

Spirit is the foundation of life, yes. But while here on Earth, we must mind our bodies long enough to be of service and achieve Enlightenment!

Part of this has to do with self care… Massage, bathing, lotions, vitamins, getting enough rest, etc.

Part of it has to do with weight. Far to many people fall into the unfortunate trap of being overweight, which leads to health problems down the line.

If you’re in that group, then don’t worry! A little information goes a long way. Read ahead to find out why you might be suffering from this physical unbalance. Getting your health right will do worlds of good for your spiritual life as well.

Three reasons people get fat

  1. Check your parents

No need to look far far away, just check your aunt, uncle, brother, sister and yes, your parents!! You don’t have to scold them but just embrace the genes you have inherited. No doubts that all of people are made basically on their genetic structure. These are the reason why some people are small, tall, skinny or fat. Say for example the height is obtained by number or even a combination of genes inherited from your parents. Eating habits as well is very much a factor, most f us usually grew up with a habit of eating, when you’re used to eating a whole bunch of food when your parents do that when you were younger and used to eating together, you get to take the same. These fattening habits usually starts a young age and within your home. You or anybody could be thought how to avoid fatty foods and get used to it growing up, so that you can’t avoid it. Another case would be this slim lady I know, she grew up from a family of over eaters, but as she grow older and she moved out of the house she learned new habits and took exercise and went to the gym, boom. She is totally a fit. You wouldn’t even imagine her previous look. She told me she didn’t want to be stuck and its time to move up.

2. Diet

The amount of food that you take inside your mouth is the very factor of getting fat. The amount of food you eat should be balanced with the amount of energy you take out. Sometimes it doesn’t matter when you are genetically fat or something like that but what counts is that you control how much amount of food you take. Less eating and exercising more will cause weight loss. Eating fattening foods will of course gives you extra weight. Always be cautious with your diet and everything will follow.

3. Do you exercise?

NO exercise or even lack of this will definitely cause obesity. Some people are too lazy to do this and so the list goes on and on with obesity list. You can join groups like running, biking and yoga. Nowadays, everything is accessible and you can always choose. Televisions can be blamed because they are making people more and more lazy. They convince people that it’s better to  just slack off and just lounge in your own couch.

Actually we have a numerous list that can contribute to being fat and we just have to be aware of all these information. Being fat is not being ugly but living a healthy lifestyle with an adequate knowledge of what you are eating and the amount of exercise that requires you is the key to living life the right way. A lot of sickness occurs when you are overweight aside from low self esteem and insecurities. I suggest all of us keep in mind the knowledge of living healthy and loving our life more.