Filfy Riddims

Wagwan, bruvs. We bout to bump dem filfy riddims all over the place, innit?

In today’s installment we’ll be listening to some of the dankest tracks I’ve found over the past week. This one’s primarily trap and bass heavy music, so you can blast it to keep your chav neighbors up all night.

First up we’ve got a proper filthy track from ‘Brothel.’

Alright, so I’ve got you hooked, haven’t I?

This next one will BLOW YOUR MIND (In the hood) (Gone dank)

An older track by Misogi, but some of the cleanest 808 bass I’ve heard.

Not bad, eh lads?

Finally we’ve got a track by TRIADS. No, not the Chinese Triads, this one has better riddims.

The bass hit so hard, the wheels fell off my Honda. I ended up calling charlotte tow truck to set me straight. Big thanks to those chaps.

That’s all for this post, mates. Cash me outside, how bow dah?